Melissa GreenoughMelissa Greenough is an award winning interior designer who is passionate about what she does. Having lived and worked in NYC for over a decade, Melissa was fortunate enough to work with a high calibre of clients in both the corporate and celebrity world including Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Donna Karin, Asprey, Conde Nast and many others.

Melissa describes her aesthetic as “contemporary classic with a twist”. She loves to create layers of interest in a room. “Personal objects or photographs collected through an individuals life, something that tells a story of a persons journey, always adds that interest and depth to a room making it more three dimensional with some thing to discover”. Her love of fabrics such as linen, velvets and silks also play a very important role in the creation of a space. Natural fibers tend to be a favourite.

Well traveled, Melissa loves to go on a good “treasure hunt” often finding special pieces in foreign lands and shipping them back to New Zealand. “I love to find beautiful old pieces and have them re-upholstered in simple elegant fabrics, its like breathing new life into an old dusty forgotten treasure and making it alive again, bringing the old into the new but keeping the bones!”

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